Information Research Institute of Science and Technology

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The Information Research Institute of Science and Technology was established in 1985 on the basis of the Science and Technology Information Research Office of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The institute is mainly engaged in agricultural information technology research and application, Shanghai agricultural development consulting research, agricultural science and technology journal publishing, library and information retrieval, and network information operation and maintenance services. 


The institute now has well balanced and highly qualified  research teams. The research teams are listed as follows:

  • Digital Agricultural Technology Team


A. “3S” Technology Research Team

Interested AreasCrop growth monitoring and non-destructive testing of crop quality based on remote sensing, agricultural expert system

ContactProf. LLinyiE-mail:

B. Model and Monitoring and Early Warning Research Team

Interested AreasCrop development simulation model and morphological structure model.

The team is devoting to the application of big data mining and analysis methods for agricultural product market research, as well as carrying out the research and planning of rural development.

ContactProf. Yang JuanE-mail:

C. Intelligent Agriculture System Team

Interested Areaskey technologies and system integration in agricultural production process management informatization, agricultural intelligent decision-making and control systems, and agricultural IoT integration applications

The research team aims to achieve information monitoring, automatic control, and intelligent management in agricultural production.

ContactProf. Wang YunShengE-mail:


  • Economic theory and policy of urban agriculture

A. Decision-making Consultation Team

B. Planning Team

Interested AreasAgricultural industry development planning, agricultural park planning, sustainable evaluation of agricultural resources, rural revitalization planning, etc

ContactProf. MJia; E-mail:


  • Periodical Center Team

Research AreasDissemination of agricultural academic theory and agricultural science and technology

Acta Agriculturea Shanghai

ContactWang Xiaohua; E-mail:

Shanghai Agricultural Science And Technology

ContactTao Xuejuan;  E-mail:

Shanghai Vegetables

ContactTan Ping;  E-mail:

Edible Fungi

ContactChen Guorong; E-mail:


  • Library Team

Research AreasDigital library, information analysis and processing, novelty-checking and retrieving, bibliometric statistics, etc.

ContactAssociate Prof. Cheng Binbin; E-mail:


  • Network Information:

Research AreasLocal area network technology, information technology, internet of things technology, data analysis and processingmultimedia technology, virtualization technology 

ContactJin Jianfeng E-mail: