Crop Breeding and Cultivation Research Institute

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The Crop Breeding and Cultivation Research Institute was established in 1960. It is mainly engaged in high-quality, high-yield, disease-resistant rice, rapeseed, corn and other crop varieties breeding and related cultivation techniques, as well as research on agricultural product preservation processing and irradiation sterilization services.

Currently, the institute focuses on the development of modern agricultural industry with scientific and technological innovation, and promoting rural revitalization and farmers incomes as the fundamental tenet. By increasing scientific and technological innovation, popularizing and applying scientific and technical achievements, new contributions will be made to optimize the planting structure, improve quality and efficiency, and also increase farmers income in Shanghai and across the Yangtze River Delta region.

The institute's major research strengths are in the fields listed as follows:

1. Rice:

Breeding of a new variety of high-quality rice (Oryza Sativa L.); 

Utilization and research of heterosis in japonica hybrid rice with strong heterosis in rice (Oryza sativa L.);

High-yield, anti-herbicide non-transgenic rice variety breeding and application.

2. Oilseed Rape:

Breeding and application of high-yield, high-quality and high-oil-content double-low rape

3. Maize

Breeding and application of special fresh maize

4. Fresh-keeping technology of agricultural products research and development application

The institute now has well balanced and highly qualified  research teams. The senior scientists of the research teams are listed as follows:

lCao Li-ming/ Senior Scientist

           Rice breeding and cultivation


lPiao Zhong-ze/ Senior Scientist                                  

          Rice genetics and breeding and molecular biology                           


lWu Shu-jun/ Senior Scientist                   

          High-quality japonica rice breeding and quality study

lYang Li-yong/ Senior Scientist                                 

          Rapeseed genetic breeding and cultivation

lWang Wei-rong/ Senior Scientist            

          Breeding and promotion of new varieties of rape

lZhou Xi-rong/ Senior Scientist                

          Rapeseed genetics and breeding

lZhen Hong-jian/ Senior Scientist                          

           Specialty Maize Molecular Breeding


lShen Xue-fang/ Senior Scientist                                    

         Maize genetic breeding and cultivation

lLin Jin-yuan/ Senior Scientist                        

         Fresh corn breeding and promotion

lQiao Yong-jin/ Senior Scientist           

        Fresh-keeping processing of agricultural products

lQi Wen-yuan/ Senior Scientist            

        Irradiation preservation technology research and development of farm products

lKong Qiu-lian/ Senior Scientist                                       

        Study and application of farm produt fresh-keeping technology