Forest and Fruit Tree Research Institute

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Forest and Fruit Tree Research Institute is affiliated to Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It was founded in 2002 and is co-located with the Crops Breeding and Cultivation Research Institute. It was independently operated until march 2011 and was formerly the Horticultural Fruit Tree Department. The institute has 30 employees, including 23 scientific and technical personnel, (13 senior researchers, 10 doctors, 11 masters), 4 support stuff and 3 scientific assistants. There are now peach, pear, grape, strawberry, small fruit, flower, forest and biotechnology research groups in the institute.

The Institute is mainly engaged in the collection, preservation, identification, evaluation and utilization of peach, pear, strawberry, grape and other fruit tree germplasm resources, as well as the breeding of new varieties; research on new techniques and new models of fruit cultivation; high-end potted plants and colored leaf ornamental seedlings, research on breeding of new varieties. The Institute has one post-scientist in the national industrial system, one was approved as the stationmaster of the comprehensive test station, and one was selected as a leading talent in Shanghai, who has undertaken more than 20 national and municipal scientific research projects, and has won one first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, two second prizes and four third prizes.

Based in Shanghai, radiating the Yangtze River Delta and serving the whole country, we constantly adjust the research content and expand new research fields. In the breeding research of peach, pear and grape, it tends to be domestic leading level. Our institute played an important role in optimizing the planting structure for Shanghai and surrounding areas, increasing agricultural efficiency and farmers' income.