Institute of Agro-food Standards and Testing Technology

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The Institute of Agro-food Standard and Testing Technology (ASTT) was inaugurated in April, 2006. The institute mainly focuses on quality and safety research and inspection of agricultural products. There are seven authorized platforms in the institute, including (1) Shanghai Center for Agro-food Quality and Safety Risk Assessment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), China, (2) Shanghai Supervision and Testing Center for Edible Fungi Quality, MARA, (3)Shanghai Center for New Plant Species Testing, MARA, (4)Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Agro-food Quality and Safety, (5)Shanghai Feed Quality Supervision and Testing Station, (6) Research and Assessment Center of Pesticide Safety, Shanghai Academy of Agriculture Science, (7)Shanghai Public Service Platform for Evaluation of Agro-food Quality and Safety.

ASTT is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to conduct pesticide residue testing for registration and evaluate availability of new feeds or feed additives. It is also certified by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to provide testing service for the public.