Institute for Agri-food Standards and Testing Technology

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The Institute for Agri-food Standards and Testing Technology (ASTT), Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) was inaugurated in April, 2006, and majored in research on quality and testing of agri-food. With the development of ASTT in recent years, several authorized platforms were successively established, including (1) Shanghai Center for Agri-food Quality and Safety Risk Assessment, Ministry of Agriculture, China (MOA), (2) Shanghai Supervision and Testing Center for Edible Fungi Quality, MOA, (3) Shanghai Station for DUS Testing Center of New Plant Varieties, MOA, P.R.China,(4) Shanghai Feed Quality Supervision and Testing Station, (5) Shanghai Feed Quality Supervision and Testing Station, (6)Research and Assessment Center of Pesticide Safety, Shanghai Academy of Agriculture Science,, and (7) Shanghai Public Service Platform for Evaluation of Agri-food Quality and Safety. ASTT was approved by MOA to conduct pesticide residue testing for registration and to evaluate availability of new feeds or feed additives, and was certified by China National Accreditation Service and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to provide testing service for the public.ASTT is attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation. In the past 5 years, we have gotten more than 90 projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Agriculture, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration and other departments, and the research funding totaled about 50 million RMB. We have done registration tests of 70 pesticide residues, published more than 180 articles (of which SCI thesis more than 30), applied for 24 patents or software copyrights, 6 of which were granted patents or software copyrights, presided over the made and revised nearly 30 national standards, industry standards and local standards, and had access to Municipal Science and technology achievement awards as listed below:

The project named "analysis of current situation of Shanghai export feed product TBT and import feed products as well as countermeasures" finished by Professor Zhihui Zhao received a second prize in Shanghai Standardization Outstanding Academic Achievement Award.

The project "Research on new varieties of horticultural plants, system test technology of DUS establishment and application"  finished by Professor Hairong Chen which won the third prize of Shanghai science and Technology Progress Award.