Determining the Geographical Origin and Cultivation Methods of Shanghai Special Rice Using NIR and IRMS

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Songjiang CPB rice (cultivated by a ‘combination of planting and breeding’) and Chongming NCFP rice (cultivated by using ‘no chemical fertilizers and pesticides’) are two high quality special rice products developed for Shanghai urban agriculture, and their quality is no less than Wuchang rice. Protecting these products from geographical origin mislabeling or cultivation method fraud are very important. Environmental pollution assessment and traceability research team of Institute for Agro-food Standards and Testing Technology verified the origin of Songjiang and Chongming rice and discriminate their cultivation methods (CPB or N (non) CPB, NCFP or chemical fertilizers and pesticides (CFP)) by NIR and IRMS methods combined with chemometrics. This research was published in Food Chemistry (IF=9.231).


Results showed complete separation of Songjiang and Chongming rice from other geographic origins using NIR combined with PLSDA and LVQNN (Table 1); CPB and NCPB Songjiang rice could be completely identified using NIR or IRMS, while the optimal identification accuracy rate of NCFP from CFP in Chongming rice was 87.5% (Table 2). It provided a rapid and robust method to identify the origin and cultivation methods of Shanghai special rice.

Table 1

Table 2

This paper was supported by Shanghai Agriculture Applied Technology Development Program, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Program and SAAS Program for Excellent Research Team.


posted by Liu Xing from Institute of Agro-food Standards and Testing Technology