Acta Edulis Fungi is indexed in World Journal Clout Index Report (2020 STM)

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World Journal Clout Index Report (2020 STM), the journal evaluation report jointly developed by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, Tsinghua University Library and other institutions, was released on August 19th, 2021. Acta Edulis Fungi (ISSNS: 1005-9873), one of the 7 journals that SAAS publishes, is successfully indexed in the report, which indicates that the international influence of the journal would be further improved.

World Journal Clout Index Report (WJCI) indexes 14,287 outstanding journals from over 60,000 active sci-tech academic journals worldwide by evaluating the journal’s R&D investment condition, the output of research papers, the number of researchers and the size & quality of journal. WJCI indexes 43 horticultural journals from all over the world, including 9 from China. Meanwhile, there are 1,426 Chinese journals are indexed in the report, which covers 279 academic subjects.

The editorial department of Acta Edulic Fungi would make persistent efforts to enhance the influence of the journal and make greater contributions to the construction of edible fungi industry and related sci-tech development.

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