The Breeding and Application of New Varieties of Crab Mushroom passed the Acceptance

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On the morning of February 26, “Breeding and Application of new Varieties of Crab Mushroom” project of the edible fungus industrial technology system in Shanghai passed the acceptance of the expert group.

Researchers of the project collected 500 excellent crab mushroom germplasm resources, and carried out evaluation and identification; selected new crab mushroom varieties FINC-B-7 and FINC-B-5, and passed the identification of new varieties in Shanghai; completed the production and application of new varieties of crab mushroom product and achieved a cumulative sales income of 600 million RMB and a total profit of over 80 million RMB during the project period. 7 patents were applied during the project implementation period.

The experts conducted an on-site inspection of cultivation and production of the new varieties. They determined that the project completed the various assessment indicators specified in the project plan and agreed to pass the acceptance.