Seminar on Rapeseed Industry in Lower Reach of Yangtze River held in Shanghai

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Hosted by SAAS, “Seminar on Rapeseed Industry in Lower Reach of Yangtze River” is held in Shanghai in April 21-23. Three invited speakers give the presentations on “The Multiple use of Rapeseed”, “The Genetic and Molecular Base of Mutation of Important Characters of Rapeseed”, and “Prediction of Expression of Rapeseed Hybrids”, respectively. Besides, fifteen experts give the presentations on their research works.

The research domain of rapeseed genetics and breeding is one of the key research domains in SAAS. In the past five decades. A number of research achievements have been obtained in rapeseed breeding, particularly in double-low rapeseed breeding and heterosis utilization of three lines with nuclear sterile, including 3 national awards in advance of science and technology, and 2 national invention awards. A number of double-low rapeseed varieties have been selected, which are cultivated in the Yangtze River Area with the area about 200,000 ha.