Message from President

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Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) is a comprehensive agricultural research institute with over 60 years' history, which takes on the important historical mission of the development of agriculture. 

SAAS aims to evolve into a sci-tech innovation base and talent pool of urban agriculture, and as well as the international cooperation platform for agricultural science and technology. For generations, our researchers have worked on the land along the coast of the East China Sea, contributing their wisdom and effort in the service of science and innovation, enabling agricultural science and technology to flourish in Shanghai and China at large.

For many years, SAAS has made significant social benefits by encouraging and enabling staff to go to the ‘front line’ of agricultural production and rural development, to serve agricultural industry and the general public, and to explore efficient ways to commercialize research achievements of agricultural science and technology.

In this new era, innovation in agricultural science and technology calls for open cooperation at many levels and across various spheres. SAAS has established long-term partnerships with world-class universities and research institutions in over 30 countries and regions across the globe. By organizing personnel exchanges and academic visits, holding international conferences, conducting joint research projects, and co-establishing research platforms, we are working hand-in-hand with these institutions to build Shanghai into a global hub for science and technology.

As we embark on the journey of exploring agricultural sciences, we call on others to join our cause and developing a prosperous future jontly.