【Overview】International Cooperation Platforms

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SAAS has established long-term partnerships with world-class universities and research institutions in over 30 countries and regions across the globe. By organizing personnel exchanges and academic visits, holding international conferences, conducting joint research projects, and co-establishing research platforms, we are working hand-in-hand with these institutions to build Shanghai into a global hub for science and technology.


In recent years, SAAS has pioneered new models for international cooperation and established multiple international research platforms, including the CIMMYT–China Specialty Maize Research Center, the China-Belgium Center of Reference Materials for Mycotoxins, and the China-Vietnam International Joint Laboratory for Agricultural Science, etc.

Besides the international joint research centers, SAAS also establishes multiple cooperation platforms such as the Urban Modern Agriculture International Sci-tech Cooperation Base at national level and the Alliance of Yangtze River Delta for International Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation at regiona level.