Research Institute of Edible Fungi

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Founded in 1960, our institute is the earliest research institute for edible fungi in China with the complete scientific research system and disciplines, high level of personnel and strong comprehensive technical strength. There are now 71 employees, including 19 senior titles, 25 doctors and 28 masters. There are 7 visiting researchers, including 2 foreign professors, and 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who lead our research directions of genetic engineering, resource and germplasm innovation, physiology and facility cultivation, processing and fermentation technology and industrial economy and information of edible fungi.

The Institute has several national and shanghai scientific research platforms, including “National Edible Fungi Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Key Laboratory of Southern Edible Fungi Resources Utilization of the Ministry of Agriculture”, “Shanghai Standardized Breeding Center for Exporting Edible Fungi”, “National Edible Fungi Processing Technology R&D Center”, “ Foreign Experts Import Base of State Administration of Foreign Affairs, “China Agricultural Microbial Deposit Center Edible Fungi Sub-center”, “Shanghai Edible Fungi Efficient Production and Processing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance”, “Shanghai Agricultural Genetics and Breeding Key Laboratory Fungus Division” , “Shanghai Natural Medicinal Resources Research and Development Center”. The Edible Fungi Branch of the China Agricultural Society is located in our institute as well.

In more than 50 years of hard work, the institute has won 4 national scientific and technological progress awards, 2 national awards, and 50 provincial and ministerial awards. 59 patents were granted, including 36 invention patents. The Institute has undertaken more than 230 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects, and our researchers have written more than 20 professional books, and published more than 700 academic papers in various domestic and international journals and conference proceedings. There were 6 health products approved by the State Food and Drug Administration, 19 new varieties recognized by the state, and 42 identified in Shanghai. The high-yield cultivation techniques developed by the excellent strains have been radiated all over the country, and some even exported to foreign countries.

At present, our institute has close cooperative relationship with universities and scientific research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions. Through the combination with many colleges and universities in China, a talent training system has been formed from the training of junior and intermediate edible mushroom professional technicians to senior talents with master's and doctoral students. Meanwhile, we also undertake the international training courses on edible and medicinal fungi of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture, and cultivate the technical backbone of edible and medicinal fungi for countries all over the world, especially the third world.