President's Welcome

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     Welcome to the website of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS)!

     Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a comprehensive agricultural research institute with 55 years history, which takes on the important history mission of the development of agriculture and rural economy with the help of science and technology. Through the hard work of several generations, we have established a policy “Basing upon scientific research, promoting economic development, strengthning capacity building, opening up and collaboration”; SAAS has made a clear goal to build a modern academy of agricultural with urban agricultural characteristics and to establish a regional urban agricultural research center. SAAS aims to become the scientific and technological innovation base of urban agriculture, scientific and the display base for scientific and technological achievements, personnel training base and international cooperation and exchanges in agricultural science and technology base; it has formed the agricultural spirit of “Advocating new ethos, leading the trends of science and technology, building the city characteristics and striving for the outstanding achievements”.

     With the ever changing environment and tasks, SAAS has clearly recognized the coexistence of opportunities and challenges; standing at a new starting point, we know that we are under heavy responsibilities and still need a long way to go. But we firmly believe that the great efforts would gain rich harvest in the end and difficulties create tough charactors. If we persistently spare no effort to do our work under the correct leadership and the strong support of the Party and Shanghai Municipal Government, we will certainly be able to make new contributions for advancing an in-depth main strategy of the city through science and education, for building a new socialist countryside, a new suburb, for achieving sustainable development by leaps and bounds of scientific and technological innovation ability!

     Thank for your attention to SAAS!