2020 CIMMYT- CHINA Specialty Maize Research Center Annual Meeting

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CIMMYT- China Specialty Maize Research Center (CCSMRC) raised  2020 Annual Meeting online on January 26th, 2021.

Shen Xiaohui, Director of SAAS Research Management Division, Dr. Cao Liming, Director of Crop Breeding & Cultivation Research Institute, Dr. Xu Yunbi, CIMMYT senior scientist, Dr. Zheng Hongjian, Executive Deputy Director of CIMMYT-China Specialty Maize Research Center, and scientists from Crop Breeding & Cultivation Research Institute and Biotechnology Research Institute attended the meeting off-line at SAAS Fengpu campus in Shanghai.

B. M. Prasanna, Director of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) Global Maize Program, and other CIMMYT scientists participated in the meeting via zoom from Mexico, Kenya, India, Zimbabwe and other countries.

CCSMRC scientists who worked at Hainan Nanfan Breeding and Research Base also participated in the online academic communication. Overall, more than 60 scientists attended this meeting.


SAAS Fengpu Campus Meeting Place

Online CIMMYT Scientists

CCSMRC scientists at Hainan Nanfan Breeding and Research Base

Dr. Zheng Hongjian, on behalf of CCSMRC, delivered a general annual work report at the beginning of the meeting. He introduced in detail about CCSMRC’s annual research progress and achievements in germplasm resources, basic research, variety selection and breeding, cultivation technology, production & application technology development. He then made a comprehensive and sophisticated academic discussion with CIMMYT scientists.


B. M. Prasanna, praised the CCSMRC 's work on maize genomics, molecular breeding and nutrition quality. He also hoped to collaborate more closely with CCSMRC in the future on the improvement of the fresh maize from conventional/common, germplasm resource sharing and nutrient enhancement.

     This meeting clarified the direction of the next stage of CIMMYT-CCSMRC cooperation, consolidated the international CIMMYT-SAAS partnership, and laid a solid foundation for both sides to further implement and promote the Belt & Road initiative.