Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Sciensano Established Joint Laboratory

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     In order to strengthen the cooperation between Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and international research institutions on the agri-product quality and safety and further improve the research level of mycotoxin standard materials, SAAS and Sciensano (Belgium) officially signed the “Cooperation Agreement of Sino-Belgian Joint Laboratory of Mycotoxin Standard Materials”. Both sides had the intention to establish a joint research platform under the framework of “Memorandum of Understanding between SAAS and CODA-CERVA” signed in 2016 and successfully holding of the international symposium and training courses on mycotoxin. Both sides would rely on the joint laboratory to carry out substantive cooperative research, including research on the preparation of mycotoxin standard materials, mycotoxin detection and verification technology, holding international seminars and promoting mutual training courses and exchange of personnel.

     Sciensano is a research institute that was reorganized from various research departments in Belgium in 2018. It is the main technical support organization for public health and safety in Belgium including food safety management. The establishment of the joint laboratory would promote the interoperability of SAAS and relevant laboratories in the EU. Both sides would share their experiences, learn from each other's strengths, jointly improve the research level of mycotoxins standard materials.