SAAS partners with enterprises to enhance seed technology and seed industry

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On Dec. 23, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation framework agreement among SAAS, Modern Seed Industry Development Fund Co., Ltd, and Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd. is held in SAAS. The high level leaders from SAAS and two companies, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Agriculture Commission, Mr. Yin Ou, and representatives from seed companies in Shanghai and Beijing, present in the ceremony.

R & D of seed technology and development of seed industry is not only one of the key areas in the development of modern agriculture in Shanghai, but also a national strategy and core industry in the development of modern agriculture in China. The partnership among SAAS and the two companies will deepen the collaboration in R & D of seed technology and enhance the technology level and also the level of seed industry. Also, the partnership will help strengthen the institutional reform of seed industry and enhance the capacity in innovation of agricultural science and technology of both the research organization and enterprises.